Post Halloween Recap

• Left with Brandon at about midnight to meet Kristina at a Halloween party.

• No costume so improvised and sharpied some whiskers and nose on my face.

• Stopped by 711 so Brandon could purchase some BBQ sunflower seeds to accentuate his character.

• Arrived at the party and quickly realized that whiskers were a bad idea.

• Kristina was thoroughly creeped out by Brandon's far too realistic portrayal of "Keith: The Creepy Guy That Shows Up To Little League Baseball Games".

• Stood around with a giant Gingerbread Man, two indians and "Keith" in a barren backyard.

• Left party and headed to another.

• Arrived at second party (bigger house, bigger morons).

• Found out that angry people dressed in ridiculous costumes are very funny.

• Began leaving second party just as some ruckus broke out behind us.

• Got to the front lawn and noticed the ruckus was following close behind.

• Turned around to see a frilly shirted pirate yelling "I just got my ass kicked!" to his friend who replied, "By who?", frilly shirted pirate answered, "By that guy!" as he threw one drunken punch about six inches from my head.

• Fight continued into the street and onto parked cars setting off an alarm as we got the hell out of there.

• Dropped off Kristina and drove home.

• Watched "The Other Boleyn Girl" and went to bed.

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