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Ane Brun - Petrified Forest Road (Bonus Track)



When Beirut's Zach Condon canceled his European tour earlier this year to collect himself, he didn't just sit around reading On the Road, watching "Oprah", and wolfing down Ben & Jerry's by the tubful. Well okay, who knows really, maybe he did. But he also spent some time cooking up a nifty little double-disc release.

Come February 17 in the U.S. and February 16 in Europe, Condon's own Pompeii Records (with an assist from Ba Da Bing!) will issue a pair of EPs from the Zachster, packaged together but spread out over separate CDs for maximum EP-ability. The first, March of the Zapotec, collects six new tracks partially recorded in Mexico recently by Beirut, while the second, Holland, is credited to Realpeople and features five solo jams from Zach's early home-recording days. UPDATE: Though Realpeople was the name of Condon's early project, these are new recordings.

Astute readers will recognize Realpeople track "My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille" from that Natalie Portman-curated Big Change comp (billed to Beirut), while "Venice" previously turned up on the CD accompanying The Believer's 2007 Music Issue (billed to Zach's given name). Icy Demon Griffin Rodriguez engineered and mastered the March of the Zapotec/Holland two-fer, and the guy's Obey Your Brain imprint will be responsible for putting it out on vinyl. 

Check back tomorrow to read Condon's thoughts on the new release and other matters Beirut, and brace yourself for the band's return to the road, planned for next year.

Beirut: March of the Zapotec:

01 El Zocalo
02 La Llorna
03 My Wife
04 The Akara
05 On a Bayonet
06 The Shrew

Realpeople: Holland:

01 My Night With a Prostitute From Marseille
02 My Wife, Lost in the Wild
03 Venice
04 The Concubine
05 No Dice

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::CAUTION:: Sports Talk

Well I thought about changing my mind and rooting for the Rays because in nine of their ten seasons as a team they've finished in last place, but then I remembered they're from Florida and I just can't support that state. Sorry Rays. It's okay though because the Phillies haven't won a World Series since 1980, which is also the only time they've ever won, so they sort of deserve it too. I guess they deserve it as much as the Rays being that none of the current Phillies players played in the 1980 World Series. Okay game one is starting... Go Phillies!

Sleep is Never a Joke

I realized this a few months ago and remembered it tonight on my drive home and then again just a moment ago while failing at sleeping. What I mean is just that humor ends when your consciousness does, so it seems impossible to pull a joke nap on someone (not that it would be very funny anyway) but if it was funny no one would know. And i know you may be thinking, "I laugh in my dreams sometimes." Well... I'm looking at your face, and it looks pretty serious. The only possibly funny aspect of a joke-sleep I can see is maybe the location, but either way, you're asleep... so... there's no messing around.

Alright well I hope that made sense to at least one person in the world.



El Pollo Loco

2 grilled chicken tortilla rolls
2 churros
1 drink



Ask anyone. I picked her before the season even started. And if you don't know what I'm talking about then you need start watching Project Runway.


New York: Night Three & Day Four

These pictures should explain everything...


Nue Yourk Fotoes

Haven't had much time to take photos but here are a few. I'll take some more tonight and tomorrow.

New York, New York

Here's a little video just to give you an idea of what it's like here right now. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
(Cick to Play)


Dinner at Lindy's

I made it! The Blakely happens to be a few buildings away from the Park Central so everything is very familiar. I remembered eating at Lindy's last time and that it was right down the street so that's where I am now. I'll get some pictures and maybe a video posted when I get back to my room to watch the debate but right now it's time to eat this burger...



If it makes you feel any better, I won't be staying at the same hotel I had originally planned to. That's okay though, any hotel in New York City is fine with me. Okay this starbucks is about to be lame and close at 10:30p. Time to go finish packing.

Stars Are Like Tiny Street Lights

Dear Zlog,
Wrote another song today. Jana says it sounds different but good. Hopefully she's right about the good part. I now have five to finish writing and start recording. We'll see how much I can get done on my trip. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have. Earlier tonight I was laying in the street, listening to Neko Case and looking at the stars and I couldn't find the big dipper to save my life. Searched the entire sky. I also realized that I have no idea where the Leo constellation is or what it actually looks like. According to Wikipedia it looks something like this...

I find it a little hard to believe but I'm going to anyway.


Oh My Gosh, Oh My God

Wrote some pretty good lyrics tonight. I'm trying to get a head start so I have less to accomplish during my down time in NY. Oh that reminds me, I looked up the hotel I'll be in...


Oh, What?!

Flew home today. Now I have two days to record some scratch guitar tracks for a few songs before I leave for NY on Tuesday. I'm planning on finishing lyrics and recording vocals while I'm there. Right now Brandon and I are just killing time at a local Starbucks. He's busy being a gamer (Nintendo DS at the moment). I'm just thinking about the playlist they have going on in here; Rufus Wainwright followed by Mika; just a tad flamboyant, am I right?? I'm also wondering why it is that Christian dudes tend to gravitate towards the jeans+sandals look. Brandon brought this to my attention a few minutes ago and I think he's on to something. If you were wondering, the photo was taken while I was waiting at the airport this morning. Also I don't believe in paragraphs.


Okay Chicago, it was nice seeing you sort of...


Space Flight (almost)

Almost made it to space today! Only black above me. So close...


I guess this should really be a Loopt update but whatever. I'm just waiting for a flight at LAX. I should buy a jacket before I go. Maybe a Hollywood sweatshirt from the gift shop.

Off to Chicago

Well I better go to sleep. I have a flight to catch in a few hours. Or I can just watch Conan...

Zlog city USA

Ok so I'm starting a zlog (zoro-blog), big deal...