Opernhaus Zürich

Opernhaus Zürich
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Just look at this...

by: Josef Müller-Brockmann


A Book on Before & Beyond (demo)

This blogging thing is too much to keep up with...

Here's a newish song still in demo form.


I waited outside
I worked out a ride
The only thing I could tell
Was that the white line down there was the tide
The only thing I've been learning still,
The only thing I've been thinking
Is you've gotta haunt
To get what you want
I've heard it's tried and it's true
Just listening to you

I've parked on the pond
I've laid on the lawn
I've thought a lot into thirst
I bought a book on before and beyond
I thought I knew what this love was for
I thought I knew what your thinking
I'm trying to win
By catching the wind
The only way I can talk
Is barely and soft

Who's gonna climb our trees when we're gone
Who's gonna hear Bob's Corrina (x2)
Who's gonna pet our cats and our dogs
Who's gonna be there after we die
I don't know anything about heaven
Or when I die where my soul will go
Just like the busted clock on my shelf
The tick of time couldn't move too slow
We'll try to hide still and even though
You can't escape from the Holy Ghost



The Moon

Took this shot with my LumixFX500 point & shoot through some binoculars.

I don't have a 12" telescope so I'll have to watch the LCROSS impact live on NASA's website.


Water on the Moon


The Trick to Chopping Trees Down

I'm not sure what to call this song yet.

Still screens, metamorphine
My bones are in their sockets
Right where they belong

Work weeks, wallowing speaks
Some other foreign language
That somehow I read

The weight of wisdom on water will turn it to tears
The way the world treats our daughters; they're walking with fear

Timelines, bonus bank fines
I'm off to find a problem
Just one I can solve

Calling curteisievening
The trick to chopping trees down
Is to not really care mind

Though dark can swallow the world and wave all it's arms
Despite dependence on dark, the light's still in charge

I know I can't stop living in judgement
It's pretty hard but you know it's true
No matter what stops hurting around me
We know I can't stop hurting for you
I'm not trying to do you wrong here
I'm just trying to live my life
I'm trying to live my life
I'm trying to do it right


Forest Fires (Acoustic)

I recorded a pretty low-fi, acoustic version of "Forest Fires" last night for no good reason. Enjoy some falsetto.


Bad Ad

Sorry to be such a snob about this, but this Palm Pre ad has got to be about the ugliest I've seen recently; especially for what's supposed to be a "cool new phone".

Had to make it a link because I didn't want that ugly ad on here.