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Daito Manabe is a programmer, artist, and designer. From Daito’s website, “Yes. It is painful. but not as much as you think.”

Sea Organ

Okay, get ready to have your brain blown...

About four or five months ago I was browsing around different photographers' websites when I came across this photo of these stairs in Croatia. (I'd give a photo credit, but I can't remember her name)

I loved this photo so I saved it and hadn't really thought about it much until today when I wanted to see if there were any other pictures of this place. So I googled "Croatia + Steps" and I found this...

It's a sea organ!!! Basically the waves push air through thirty-five perfectly tuned sound tubes underneath the steps and it makes music. How awesome is that? After researching a bit more I discovered it isn't the first one ever built. San Francisco has a similar wave organ that was built in 1986 but apparently it doesn't sound quite as nice. Anyway... I think it's pretty much the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

You can read about it at SeaOrgans.com and about it and other odd instruments at Oddstrument.com


Tomorrow: Recording + My Mamiya

My Mamiya C330 will arrive on the porch sometime tomorrow. As you might assume, I'm pretty excited. Picked up some b&w 120 today and read through the manual to make sure I'm ready for it. Expect to see some shots from it soon.

I'll Get One Sooner or Later

Savannah (cat): A hybrid of an African Serval and a domestic cat.
I won't go into all the reasons they are, but trust me they are basically awesome.


Went driving last night to see what kind of view of the fire I could get. I didn't have to go very far. I took this photo about five minutes down the road.


Sights & Sounds From The Studio

Here's a little video of Dan recording some drum.
(Cick to Play)


Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

This is going to be good. Now time to get in a little sleep before I go.


Zoro Album - Step One: Get It Together!!

Dear Zlog,

Pre-production for the first Zoro full-length started tonight. Off to a decent start I think. Tyler came over tonight to go over everything and start ironing out some of the songs before recording starts Monday. We'll see how it goes. If Brandon and Alex ever have a free day to rehears this stuff I'll be a lot better off. Jerks... JK doods.

The End (of step one)


We did it...


Post Halloween Recap

• Left with Brandon at about midnight to meet Kristina at a Halloween party.

• No costume so improvised and sharpied some whiskers and nose on my face.

• Stopped by 711 so Brandon could purchase some BBQ sunflower seeds to accentuate his character.

• Arrived at the party and quickly realized that whiskers were a bad idea.

• Kristina was thoroughly creeped out by Brandon's far too realistic portrayal of "Keith: The Creepy Guy That Shows Up To Little League Baseball Games".

• Stood around with a giant Gingerbread Man, two indians and "Keith" in a barren backyard.

• Left party and headed to another.

• Arrived at second party (bigger house, bigger morons).

• Found out that angry people dressed in ridiculous costumes are very funny.

• Began leaving second party just as some ruckus broke out behind us.

• Got to the front lawn and noticed the ruckus was following close behind.

• Turned around to see a frilly shirted pirate yelling "I just got my ass kicked!" to his friend who replied, "By who?", frilly shirted pirate answered, "By that guy!" as he threw one drunken punch about six inches from my head.

• Fight continued into the street and onto parked cars setting off an alarm as we got the hell out of there.

• Dropped off Kristina and drove home.

• Watched "The Other Boleyn Girl" and went to bed.

Halloween '08

"Any a y'all want some sunflower seeds?"

"Don't be scared, now."

"I got a batting cage in my back yard."

"You ever been to a minor league baseball game?"

"Now you call me if you need a third base coach."