Sleep is Never a Joke

I realized this a few months ago and remembered it tonight on my drive home and then again just a moment ago while failing at sleeping. What I mean is just that humor ends when your consciousness does, so it seems impossible to pull a joke nap on someone (not that it would be very funny anyway) but if it was funny no one would know. And i know you may be thinking, "I laugh in my dreams sometimes." Well... I'm looking at your face, and it looks pretty serious. The only possibly funny aspect of a joke-sleep I can see is maybe the location, but either way, you're asleep... so... there's no messing around.

Alright well I hope that made sense to at least one person in the world.


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duartestudios said...

The whole problem here really is not the whole sleep nap joshing jokes but rather the goodnight in the morning part!