Oh, What?!

Flew home today. Now I have two days to record some scratch guitar tracks for a few songs before I leave for NY on Tuesday. I'm planning on finishing lyrics and recording vocals while I'm there. Right now Brandon and I are just killing time at a local Starbucks. He's busy being a gamer (Nintendo DS at the moment). I'm just thinking about the playlist they have going on in here; Rufus Wainwright followed by Mika; just a tad flamboyant, am I right?? I'm also wondering why it is that Christian dudes tend to gravitate towards the jeans+sandals look. Brandon brought this to my attention a few minutes ago and I think he's on to something. If you were wondering, the photo was taken while I was waiting at the airport this morning. Also I don't believe in paragraphs.

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Uhmeeleeuh said...

keep this blog alive. i love it.